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Terrell McLean
Founder & Pitmaster

Barbecue has always been a huge part of Terrell’s life. As a child, he and his family would travel to his mother’s birthplace of Hemingway, South Carolina. There, the family would enjoy whole hog barbecue and rocky road soda from their family’s barbecue establishment.


Terrell built Bubby’s Barbecue off of these southern roots and off of his father’s dream of owning his own restaurant establishment. Terrell’s father, also known as, Bubby Clutch, passed away in 2015. The loss of his father inspired Terrell to combine his own love for barbecue and his father’s dream, hence the name, Bubby’s Barbecue!


Terrell produces high quality, flavorful food over nothing but wood and fire. He combines bold, seasonal, and international flavors in a way that cannot be replicated. Terrell has built an incredible product for the Rochester area to enjoy and he is looking forward to cooking for you!

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